Motorists Endangered by Truckers Parking on Freeway Shoulders

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As more and more long haul truck drivers use highway and freeway shoulders to catch up on sleep, the danger to motorists is growing.

Parking their trucks in emergency areas, the big trucks are preventing broken down motorists from safely pulling off the road or from checking their vehicles when something goes wrong.

Parked big rig trucks present a deadly hazard because they limit visibility of passing motorists. When re-entering the freeway or interstate, trucks pose a nearly 100,000 lb. danger to traveling motorists.

The most important reason that truckers are not permitted to pull over on interstate or freeway shoulders is because big trucks pose an inherent danger to all smaller vehicles. Many motorists have died when they rear-ended an unseen truck when the motorist attempted to use the emergency lane.

Studies also regularly find that trucks should never be parked on roadways with a speed limit above 25 mph. Researchers report that the chances of a fatal crash increases dramatically at 25 mph.

Faced with fewer truck stops and rest stops in heavily occupied urban areas; company pressure to reach destinations on time; and federally mandated hours of service regulations, truckers claim they have no choice but to park on the side of the road.

Meanwhile, unsuspecting motorists will suffer – and even die – in preventable truck accidents.