Kentucky Elder Abuse Cases

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Legal cases containing elder abuse stories are often harrowing. Each elder law attorney at Garcia & Artigliere’s Kentucky location  has lengthy experience practicing in this area, and is well aware of the distressing specifics each case can include.

However, Kentucky’s general public may not be as well-informed on the various ways that elder abuse can occur. In this blog post, we aim to raise awareness and identification of elder abuse by defining various aspects, with supporting examples from recent case histories of elder abuse collected from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services .

  • Financial abuse can take many forms: illegal use of an elder’s funds, door-to-door scams, or life settlement fraud.  One case history in Kentucky recalls a man befriending an 82-year-old woman, convincing her to give him power of attorney, and then signing over $100,000 in assets to himself.
  • Caretaker neglect can result in elders with bed sores , malnutrition  and various other maladies. A Kentucky social worker recently found an elderly woman who was left food at her bedside, but was unable to feed herself. As a result, she became underweight and dehydrated.
  • Medication mistakes  are a dangerous occurrence. They can happen when a patient is given the wrong combination, brand or dosage of medication. Kentucky’s Adult Protective Services discovered a recent case where a daughter was stealing her elderly father’s medications and leaving him unsupervised.
  • Nursing home abuse can contain all the above items, but occurs from designated facility caregivers. Nursing home abuse can include physical abuse, wandering off/elopement  and sexual abuse .

Elder abuse in Kentucky remains a prevalent issue. Learning the warning signs of nursing home abuse, financial abuse and other symptoms will help greatly in knowing when to report any suspicions. It’s important to note that Kentucky state law requires citizens to report all suspected elder abuse to an appropriate authority.

It’s also crucial to contact an experienced elder law attorney as soon as abuse allegations are made. If you’re seeking an elder law attorney in Kentucky, contact Garcia & Artigliere for a prompt, free case review.