Kentuckians Weigh in on Elder Abuse


145 people ages 25 and older with elderly parents in Kentucky were surveyed about their opinions on elder care providers. We sought out to determine the amount of trust Kentuckians have in elder care providers. We did this by asking the respondents questions about their preferences for elderly care providers and their confidence in these providers’ formal certifications and dedication to care. This information is important because, as the elderly population continues to grow, the care and safety of our loved ones become a bigger concern.

The data was used in combination with statistics from official studies to shed light on elder abuse and a major reason why there is a lack of trust in elderly care providers. Elder abuse is a major issue affecting an often overlooked population. With elder abuse being such a common problem, it is not surprising that there is doubt among Kentuckians regarding the safety of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in-home care.