Garbage truck accidents

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Garbage truck accidents do not make the news as much as other trucks do, but each year people are killed or seriously injured by one.  There are many reasons one of these trucks can cause an accident with a pedestrian or bicycle rider. 

The reasons include negligence on the driver’s part.  Florida garbage truck drivers are supposed to be qualified to drive this type of truck.  The trucks are very large and sometimes have poor lines of visibility.  They have blind spots like the big-rigs do.  These trucks have a tendency to get dirty as the day goes on, obscuring reflectors and lights.  A garbage truck backs up frequently, which can lead to pedestrian accidents if an individual does not move quickly.  Drivers usually start their runs very early and work long days, causing fatigue.  Lastly, garbage trucks drive down alleys or the wrong way to get to the garbage.  They must look out for other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists when this happens. 


If you are a garbage truck driver and accidently hit someone or cause damage to a structure, I urge you to contact an experienced Truck Accident Attorney for direction