Florida Truck Accident Investigations

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An accident with a commercial truck is most likely to result in a serious injury or even death – the consequences can be catastrophic for the individuals in a car.  That is why it is critical to preserve any evidence found at the scene – The trucking company may remove the truck and transport it miles away from the scene.  Or, weather conditions may deteriorate skid marks or fluid that has dripped onto the road.

I urge you to contact an experienced Florida Trucking Accident attorney as soon as possible.  He or she will send an investigator to the accident scene immediately.  The investigator will look for skid marks, debris, fluid, and damaged vehicle parts on the ground.  Do not trust the trucking company because they will try to compensate victims for as little as possible.  It is not easy to resolve a claim for injuries against a trucking company’s insurance company.  I cannot stress how important an experienced Florida Trucking Attorney can be in your fight for compensation.