Federal “Nursing Home Compare” Website Updated

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In a move to help families looking for nursing homes, the federal government has updated Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare ” website.

The “new” website revises the old one. Twenty-one new criteria, which help measure the quality of care at nursing homes across the country, are added. The new website allows the government to assess resident experiences in both long-term and short-term care facilities.

Using a Five-Star quality rating system, the new website focuses on issues that affect the majority of nursing home residents, including pressure ulcers, infections, self-reported pain, falls, and general well-being. It also:

  • Reports the percentage of residents who have severe or moderate pain.
  • Reveals the percent who have received a pneumonia vaccine.
  • Discloses the percentage of residents who have been physically restrained.
  • Provides consumers tools to quickly and easily file complaints with state agencies.
  • Publicizes complaints states receive about facilities.
  • Lists information about the number of civil penalties levied against the facility.

The Nursing Home Compare website is a program of Medicare & Medicaid Services. It only covers nursing homes that receive Medicare or Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California) funds.

The listing of new criteria on the site helps families better understand the quality of care offered at each nursing homes. This is one tool for families to use in their search for the best nursing home for their loved one.