Fed-Ex driver killed in Tampa accident

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Interstate 4 in Tampa was the scene of a fatal accident that killed a FedEx truck driver, recently.  The accident happened 85 miles south of Orlando and 280 miles north of Miami.  As the FedEx driver approached exit 301/92, a GMC truck’s tire flew into the path of the FedEx truck, causing the FedEx driver to lose control of his truck.  This caused him to crash into the underpass, hitting the wall and banging into the supporting concrete pillars.


The FedEx driver, died at the scene.  The other driver was not injured.  Two lanes, along with the exit ramp, closed down causing traffic and major delays during the morning hours.  This accident is under investigation according to the Florida Highway Patrol.


This is another example to show tires need frequent inspection.  Tire failure can mean losing control of the vehicle and causing a rollover to occur.  A defective tire can blow out without any warning.