Exploring How Elder Abuse Impacts Those in Its Path


blog-4No one wants to think about elder abuse. It causes irreparable harm to those who have survived the longest and continues to be a major problem in all societies. The elder abuse lawyers at Garcia & Artigliere recognize the vastness of abuse and why it should concern everyone.

Is Elder Abuse Always Based on Aggression or Anger?

Most people associate abuse with anger and violence. But sometimes it can occur without intention in passive neglect, or emotional outbursts can lead to verbal abuse. Yet the problem remains. According to the National Council on Aging, elder abuse can include the following:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Confinement
  • Willful deprivation

The Impact of Abuse of Seniors on Society

Up to 10 percent of seniors experience some form of abuse, but only a fraction of those incidents are reported to authorities or investigated. Meanwhile, 90 percent of perpetrators are direct family members. But, this does not show the severity of the situation.

Other types of abuse are not evident at first. In cases of confinement or passive neglect, a senior may be physically incapable of contacting others to report the incident. As a result, it is up to every person to help keep a proverbial eye on seniors. This includes neighbors, friends, social workers, case managers and direct caregivers.

What About Abuse in Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes are not impervious to abuse of seniors either. A caregiver or family member may commit an act of abuse, and the affected person may fear the perpetrator. Threats, stress and anguish allow the cycle to continue. But ensuring a cohesive stance against this problem across all staff members can help to reduce risk for elder abuse. For example, housekeeping staff can stay vigilant for signs of abuse among residents. Or, case managers can hold open discussions about concerns expressed by seniors.

Everyone hopes their loved ones live happy, fulfilling lives, devoid of abuse. But it is a reality for many. Everyone needs to realize that committing any act intended to harm a senior’s physical or mental stability is abuse.

Everyone has the right to live abuse-free. If you suspect abuse of a senior, contact an elder abuse lawyer at Garcia, Artigliere and Medby online or call 1-800-281-8515 today.