Elder Abuse in Kentucky: Report Insights

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Every year, the Kentucky Elder Abuse Committee (link to http://chfs.ky.gov/dcbs/dpp/eaa/) releases their annual report on elder abuse. This report compiles insights and data from health professionals, law enforcement, elder law attorneys and other specialists in Kentucky. Statistics of nursing home negligence, senior abuse reports and more provide a means of understanding the prevalence of elder abuse within the state.

Data gathered from 2011’s report shows that despite state efforts, elder abuse remains a prevalent problem in Kentucky. Statistics indicate that:

  • 17,409 reports were made to adult protective services for Kentucky’s 60+ population
  • 2820 allegations of caretaker neglect were made
  • 1225 reports of elder abuse by adults were alleged
  • 309 elder abuse criminal charges were filed
  • Jefferson and Two Rivers had the highest rates of elder abuse investigations

As you can see, this data demonstrates upsetting occurrences of neglect and nursing home abuse in Kentucky. What’s more, the number of senior-related investigations grew an alarming amount from the previous year — 2011 saw 2,729 more elder abuse investigations than 2010.

As a result of these reports, the Kentucky Elder Abuse Committee is developing training for law enforcement on elder abuse, a Best Practices Toolkit for nursing home closures, emergency protection and more advances towards preventing elderly abuse in nursing homes. The Committee’s 2012 report is planned for release shortly after the next committee meeting, and will hopefully highlight a decrease in elder abuse due to these measures.

Kentucky’s laws also require mandatory reporting of elder abuse. If you suspect an elderly person is a victim of abuse, Kentucky has a useful State Resources Directory (link to http://www.ncea.aoa.gov/ncearoot/main_site/find_help/State_Resources_Directory.aspx?state_id=ky) for reporting purposes — you can report anonymously if you wish. It’s also imperative to contact an elder law attorney immediately, so that crucial evidence can be compiled in a timely matter.

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