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Driver’s Education Prevent Accidents and Wrongful Death

Trucking accidents and wrongful death by motor vehicle accidents are some of the main cases taken on by the attorneys at Garcia, Artigliere & Medby in addition to elder abuse and nursing home negligence. Motor vehicle accidents are the top cause of wrongful death in this country. Over 2.3 million adult drivers and passengers were sent to the emergency room due to these accidents in 2009.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, teenage drivers have the highest crash rate. The new data states that:

With many young drivers, there is a lack of maturity and experience combined with overconfidence. Without experience to recognize dangerous situations, the chances that young drivers can avoid hazardous situations decrease.

As a result of this awareness, a new program titled Street Survival was created for inexperienced drivers — with the help of Tire Rack, BMW, Porsche Club of America, Michelin, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and others. The program includes instruction in skid control, blocked-lane maneuvering, emergency braking and vehicle slalom. New drivers are also made aware of the role of driver attitude and the best seating position, among other topics.

Students of the program, at least in Connecticut, were able to experience a 3-mile-per-hour crash as well. A big rig was brought in so new drivers could see how little visibility truckers have on the road.

For the program, students are required to use their own cars. This helps them to prepare more efficiently for driving in real-life circumstances with their own vehicles.

It’s important to remember that unintentional injury is the main cause of death for individuals age 1 to 44, according to some 2011 reports.

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