Distracted truck drivers cause many accidents

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Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is asking South Florida drivers to “make the pledge to be the safest drivers on the road, stay alert and avoid distractions.”  The following are facts that cause accidents:

It is a fact that one out of every four accidents are caused by driver distraction or inattentive driving.  That adds up to over one million accidents a year.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 68% of rear-end collisions were due to distractions.  It only takes a second to turn away from the road – to cause a serious accident.

Talking on a cell phone and driving can increase your chances of being in an accident by 400%.  A hand-free phone is helpful, but it doesn’t stop you from losing concentration on what’s important – the road around you.  The smartest thing you can do is to pull off the road and place a safe call.