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Determining Fault in a Commercial Trucking Accident

Who’s at Fault in a Commercial Trucking Accident?

Do you know how a commercial trucking accident differs from a car accident? Clearly, the most devastating difference is the increase in damage and fatal injury. A larger vehicle is naturally subject to create more destruction. Less obvious, however, is the assignment of fault. Responsibility can be attributed to multiple entities:

Liability for accidents also varies depending on state laws. For example, in Washington State, there are strict regulations concerning the maintenance of commercial vehicles. So, in the case of a crash, trucking accident lawyers in Washington State will conduct an investigation to ensure that the truck’s maintenance was upheld in accordance with state regulation.

Remember, there’s rarely a single cause for a commercial trucking accident. Commercial trucks are subject to different laws than typical motor vehicles, so it’s important to contact a lawyer who specializes in trucking accidents. It’s also vital to get legal advice as soon as possible, as a prompt investigation is needed for correctly determining fault.

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