The Dangers of Poor Hygiene and Neglect in Nursing Homes

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The elderly suffer from weaker immune systems than younger people and are more likely to get sick when exposed to germs. Therefore, it’s critical for nursing home staff to provide a clean and sanitary environment, and help residents maintain good personal hygiene. Unfortunately, nursing homes don’t always live up to their responsibilities and residents may get sick as a result.

Infections in Nursing Homes

Infections are one of the most common problems in nursing homes. When residents and their living environment are not kept clean, viruses and other diseases can spread from one resident to another. The result can be serious infections, which may lead to sepsis, an often-fatal condition.

Personal Hygiene of Nursing Home Residents

Elderly nursing home residents often need help going to the bathroom, bathing, brushing their teeth and changing clothes. Nursing home staff may also help with changing adult diapers and changing the dressings on wounds.

One of the reasons infections are so common is because nursing home employees fail to properly take care of residents’ personal hygiene. This could be due to understaffing at the facility or staff simply not taking the time to address residents’ needs.

Keeping Nursing Homes Clean and Sanitary

Nursing home staff are also responsible for making sure bathrooms are clean and sanitary. Staff must also keep food preparation and dining areas clean. Residents’ families should look out for signs of a dirty environment.

Understaffing and Neglectful Care

Unfortunately, understaffing is common in nursing homes, with as many as 85 percent of nursing homes being short-staffed.

When nursing homes are understaffed, residents may not receive proper care. Residents’ personal hygiene may be dangerously neglected. Staff may also neglect to keep rooms and common areas clean.

At understaffed nursing homes, employees may be so overworked and rushed that they don’t take the time to wash their hands as often as they should, further spreading illness among residents. Additionally, when nursing homes hire inexperienced employees and don’t give adequate training, this adds to the problem of neglect in nursing homes.

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

If your loved one is a nursing home resident, you should remain alert for any signs that he or she is not receiving proper care. Nursing home neglect is considered a form of abuse. If you suspect neglect, talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer to find out more about your options. Call Garcia & Artigliere at (800) 281-8515 for a free and confidential consultation.