Commercial trucks on the highways

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Florida roads have commercial trucks on them all day long.  Someone asked what dangers are associated with these trucks on the roads.  Let me summarize for you.

  • Big-rigs or semi-trucks require a greater stopping distance than passenger cars.  If a car is following too closely and the truck needs to stop quickly, the car risks being involved in a rear-end collision – sometimes a fatal one.
  • Large trucks have blind spots that are located in the front, back and on the sides of the truck.  If a car is in the blind spot, the truck driver probably cannot see it.  If the truck decides to change lanes, this could result in a very serious accident.
  • A large truck needs a lot of space to make a wide turn.  A car that is hit by a big rig weighing at least 10,000 lbs. can be fatal. 


When you are on the road and there is a tractor-trailer besides you or in front of you proceed with caution.  If you are involved in an accident, I urge you to contact an experienced Truck Accident Attorney for guidance and expertise.