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Lawsuit Filed: Los Angeles Nursing Facility Sued for Elder Abuse

Garcia & Artigliere

Los Angeles, Calif. – Suffering from a history of strokes, diabetes, depression, and anxiety, requiring 24 hour a day specialized care, Sonja Flaker was trusted to the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills to provide that care for which they were paid a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, rather than assisting Flaker with her activities of daily living and protecting her from the very injuries for which Sonja was entrusted to the care of the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills, it is alleged that the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills flat out ignored Sonja’s repeated requests that she be provided the care she paid for and not surprisingly, her needs were ignored leading to a preventable and traumatic fall resulting in fractures and intense pain.

Garcia & Artigliere filed a lawsuit against the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills for elder abuse, and negligent hiring and supervision.

“The Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills warranted that they were aware of Sonja’s condition and were sufficiently staffed and equipped with the resources to manage her care, yet it’s alleged that Sonja was often left unattended and unsupervised,” said Attorney Stephen Garcia. “It is our opinion that these horrific injuries to Sonja would not have occurred had the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills adhered to applicable rules, laws and regulation, as well as the acceptable standard of practice governing the operation of a skilled nursing facility. Instead, as the complaint alleges, the facility falsely and fraudulently made promises to Sonja, her family and physician, knowing that once she was admitted into their care, she would be nothing more than a source of revenue. Unfortunately, this all too common practice of understaffing and maximizing profits over patient care has resulted in serious injuries, like Sonja’s.”

Allegations and Background

Flaker had a history of life-threatening strokes leaving her with paralysis in her right arm, leg and eye, all of which caused her serious leg pain, vision problems and a constant feeling of tiredness. She also had a drooping mouth, which limited her ability to fully articulate herself.

In November 2016, Flaker was admitted to the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills for extensive assistance with all of her activities of daily living. Due to her conditions, the medications she was prescribed caused her a great deal of confusion, and problems with balance when ambulating.

According to the lawsuit, prior to her admission, Flaker’s husband warned the facility about her susceptibility to falling.

On December 24, 2016, Flaker was lying in bed when she felt the need to use the bathroom. The lawsuit alleges that she had repeatedly pushed her call light for assistance and waited for hours, but nobody came to assist her. Fearing that she would defecate and urinate all over her bed, Flaker allegedly attempted to ambulate to the bathroom unassisted and unsupervised.

The lawsuit states that Flaker slipped while attempting to walk to the bathroom and fell onto the floor. Rather than assisting her, it’s alleged that staff members forced her to lie helpless on the floor in excruciating pain for hours. Then, instead of immediately notifying her physician and transferring her to a hospital emergency room, the facility summoned an X-ray technician who diagnosed Flaker with a fractured femur. The lawsuit alleges that knowing this information, they placed Flaker back into bed, where she laid in excruciating pain until her husband demanded the facility transfer her to a hospital.

Finally, nearly 15 hours later, the facility transferred Flaker to a hospital for X-rays and blood tests. The lawsuit alleges that upon arrival, Flaker underwent surgery to repair a leg fracture, and later, after complaining that she was suffering extreme pain her right shoulder, an X-ray revealed that she had suffered a frozen shoulder as a result of her fall.

After being discharged from the hospital, Flaker returned to the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, it’s alleged that the negligence continued – the facility mismanaged Flaker’s medications and nearly killed her when they overmedicated her with so much insulin that her blood sugar fell to a life-threatening level.

Additionally, throughout Flaker’s three-month-long stay, the facility allowed an infectious disease to spread throughout the facility and let their expenses go unpaid, resulting in a power and water shutoff. The lawsuit alleges that they also falsely reported physical therapy sessions for Flaker, which never happened – and she made no progress in healing.

As a result of the facility’s alleged negligence, Flaker is now unable to ambulate and is frequently depressed about her condition. Her fall at the facility has also extended her need for further rehabilitation.


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