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Lawsuit Filed: Elderly Man Neglected at Antelope Valley Care Facility

Garcia & Artigliere

Lancaster, Calif.– Marvin Britton was admitted to Antelope Valley Hospital due to repeated vomiting. Unfortunately, it’s alleged that throughout Britton’s stay at the facility, staff wrongfully withheld required care and concealed his medical conditions. They also allegedly abused him by unlawfully restraining him with prescription drugs. As a result of the facility’s continued alleged negligence, Britton was placed on life support multiple times, developed a Stage IV pressure sore and lost his ability to walk.

Garcia & Artigliere & Faulkner filed a lawsuit against Antelope Valley Hospital for elder abuse.

“It’s devastating that rather than providing Marvin with the required care he needed, Antelope Valley Hospital allegedly warehoused him as a ‘head in the bed’ to make money,” said Attorney Stephen Garcia. “Furthermore, it certainly appears from available evidence that Antelope Valley Hospital engaged in illegal practices by using unlawful chemical restraints to sedate Marvin so they did not have to be bothered with him. As a result of their alleged negligence, Marvin suffered both physical and emotional abuse, as well as life-threatening ailments and injuries.”

Allegations and Background

On August 5, 2016, Britton was admitted to Antelope Valley Hospital due to repeated vomiting. Upon his admission, his skin was free of pressure sores and he could fully perform all activities of daily living.

The lawsuit alleges that within a week after his admission, Britton was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), became gravely ill, was intubated and placed on life support mechanisms. The lawsuit states that while Britton was a patient at the facility, staff wrongfully withheld required care and concealed his true medical conditions.

They also failed to reposition him in a timely manner, provide him with adequate nutrition or ensure he had proper hygiene, all of which resulted in a severe Stage IV pressure sore on his tailbone.

The lawsuit states that the facility repeatedly administered psychotropic medications to Britton to unlawfully restrain him because the staff had neither the time nor the inclination to provide Britton with required treatment. As a result of the use of the unlawful chemical restraints, Britton was in a catatonic state on and off for two months.

It was well known to the hospital that after Britton was placed on life support and heavily sedated, that he would need constant attention and care to his skin to avoid press sore development.

The lawsuit alleges that the facility knew that the Stage IV sore had developed, but determined it was in their own best interest to conceal the evidence. They concealed his injuries throughout his stay so his family and physician were unable to intervene.

In October 2016, Britton was transferred to North Valley Rehabilitation, where for the first few days, the staff tried to decide if he should be returned to the facility because they thought he was going to die. Fortunately, the staff at North Valley Rehabilitation were able to get Britton’s breathing under control once the psych medications wore off. Unfortunately, he was not able to walk and there was damage to his trachea, causing him to need to be retaught how to walk and swallow.


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