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A Reminder from an Elder Abuse Attorney About Top Dangers to the Elderly

Garcia & Artigliere

While older people have the advantage of possessing years of accumulated wisdom, knowledge and experience, they may not always be so aware of potential dangers that are facing them, whether living at home, in a retirement community or in a nursing home. They need us to look out for them.

The team at Garcia & Artigliere wants to remind our readers that senior citizens face potential dangers that can go unnoticed if we don’t take the extra time to check out their living situations. Here are the top dangers to the elderly that we want you to keep in mind in order to protect these vulnerable members of society.


A simple rug seems innocuous, but it can hold dangers for the elderly. Because older people often have difficulties seeing, maintaining their balance or coordinating their movements while walking, a trip across a loose rug can spell disaster.

A rug that’s not been anchored to the floor or that bunches up with folds from other people walking over it all day is a safety hazard. Elders typically have lower bone density, meaning that if they fall, it’s very easy to break a hip. A broken skull or fractured arm could be the result of slipping on a rug.

Showers Without Handrails

If you do not have a disability and aren’t prone to falling like so many elderly people are, you may not realize how important it is to have adaptive devices in place around the home. In the bathroom, a shower without handrails gives an elderly person nothing to hold onto while bathing and getting in and out of the stall. That’s an accident that’s just waiting to happen.

Elder Abuse

Unfortunately, elder abuse is a problem that not everyone is aware of. Unscrupulous individuals prey on the elderly, with physical, mental and emotional abuse a possibility behind closed doors, far away from the watchful eyes of concerned family members and friends.

Always look for potential signs of abuse when you interact with elderly people. Such signs include bruises, malnutrition and poor hygiene, indicating neglect from those in charge of caring for them.

Dangerous Drug Interactions

Many senior citizens take multiple drugs each day. A problem with taking more than one drug is the potential for dangerous interactions that can lead to injury or death.

Doctors and pharmacists know to check for contraindications, but if an elderly person picks up prescription medications from more than one pharmacy, it’s possible to take a life-threatening combination. For best results, consolidate all prescriptions to be provided by one pharmacy.

It can be quite shocking to discover that an elderly person is in harm’s way or is now actually suffering from abuse. It’s up to each of us to remain vigilant about spotting dangers posed to the elderly members of our community. If you have noticed an elderly person in a situation where any of these types of dangers exist, you may need some help from an elder abuse attorney to rectify the situation. At the law firm of Garcia & Artigliere, we would be happy to offer you a confidential consultation along with a free case review in support of safeguarding an elder. For details, please connect with us at (800) 328-2630 today.


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