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Second Lawsuit Against Motion Picture & Television Fund Care Facility

Garcia & Artigliere

An elderly woman, Nancy Renard, was admitted to Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), a residential care facility created by some of Hollywood’s earliest entertainment luminaries, including Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith. During her stay, Renard was sexually assaulted by a fellow male resident who is suspected to have accosted as many as 13 female residents of Motion Picture, exposed himself in an aggressive manner to at least two staff on two separate occasions and entered uninvited into the rooms of an additional nine female residents within a four-month period.​ This marks the second lawsuit against MPTF for sexual assault of residents of Motion Picture.

Garcia & Artigliere filed a lawsuit against Motion Picture & Television Fund for elder abuse, health and safety code violations, Consumer Legal Remedies Act violations and assault and battery.

“The remarkable thing here is that in deposition testimony, Motion Picture’s employees have admitted that rather than protect their female residents from unwanted sexual aggression from a known mentally ill man, the male resident was in effect allowed to roam the halls of Motion Picture as a sexual predator of the facilities female residents. Troubling, despite knowing of these sexual assaults of Motion Picture residents by this sick male resident, Motion Picture took no meaningful action to protect their residents save, over and over again, ordering 1 to 1 supervision of the male-only to then not even provide this 1 to 1 supervision at all. Motion Picture’s response, literally, has been “it is all part of the disease process.” So in effect, Motion Picture actually actively allows a male resident to engage in the physical abuse of its female residents not only knowing it is occurring and doing nothing meaningful, but thereafter, and as they did with the Renard family, lying to family members about the true nature of the assaults in a clear effort at cover-up. In reality who knows how many other women have been sexually assaulted in Motion Picture with the truth never coming out because of the conspiracy of lies on the part of Motion Picture. It is the goal of this lawsuit to answer that question and bring forth the truth to protect other female residents of Motion Picture from being subjected to known sexual abuse in Motion Picture.” It’s clear that Motion Picture & Television Fund knew full well that they were housing a very sick man and rather than protecting their residents such as Nancy from this man, they actually laid her as prey by their shameful inaction,” said Attorney Stephen Garcia. “MPTF’s notes actually confirm advisement to the facility from a family member of male resident that while living at home, the male resident would ‘often unzip his pants and pull his penis out.’ Notwithstanding his prior behavior, the facility’s staff allowed this sick man to sexually assault numerous residents, all the while the facility and its staff sat back and watched more than 200 episodes of sexual disinhibition on the part of this male resident with the only real interventions being to unlawfully throw drugs down his throat as a chemical restraint. This is especially troubling as this facility is a repeat offender and we have been forced to bring a prior lawsuit against Motion Picture for this same issue. And there, like here, Motion Picture engages in a conspiracy to silence the truth. It is shameful. Hopefully, we can get the truth out to all families whose family members have been sexually assaulted in Motion Picture and put an end to this horrific practice.”

Allegations and Background

The lawsuit alleges that MPTF allowed many of their female residents to be sexually assaulted several times, including Renard. That on May 18, 2017, the male resident entered Renard’s room without permission, climbed upon her while she slept in her bed and exposed himself. The lawsuit states that when the event was reported to Renard’s family, the facility lied, advising only of a simple entry of a resident into Renard’s room. It’s alleged that the facility’s staff intentionally concealed the fact that it was a male resident who had previously been found on top of another female resident in her room with his penis exposed and that in truth, the male resident had been found on top of Renard in her bed with his pants down. The male resident was placed on one to one supervision immediately after he was found mounted on top of Renard. Shockingly, a few hours after having just been found exposing himself to Renard, the male resident evaded his non-existent one to one supervision, entered uninvited yet another female resident’s room and was found accosting her. On that same day, the male resident was found in yet a third female resident’s room uninvited and unwanted, once again somehow evading the supposed one to one supervision. All in all the lawsuit alleges that in a short four-month period at Motion Picture, this male resident was allowed to roam the halls freely and sexually assault 13 female residents of the facility; expose himself in an aggressive manner to at least two staff of Motion Picture on two totally separate occasions; was allowed to enter uninvited and unwanted and without their permission the rooms of an additional 9 female residents; and per the records of Motion Picture to have over 200 separate and distinct episodes of exhibited “sexual disinhibition” as to residents and staff of the Motion Picture.


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