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How Robots Will Make Life Better for Seniors

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When you think of robots, you might think of science-fiction movies, with cute robots humming, beeping, and swiveling their heads. Or maybe you think of advanced technology in a state-of-the-art factory. You probably don’t think of robots helping seniors at home or in senior care facilities. That could change soon. Several companies are working on robots designed to make life easier, more pleasant, and even less lonely for elderly people. Some of their products are already on the market.

Robot Pets

Robots for seniors are not just a dream for the future. When it comes to robot pets, the future has already arrived. These popular “pets” look like adorable cats or dogs. They respond to being petted and will purr or bark. They provide some of the stress-relieving benefits of owning an animal for seniors who may not be up to walking a dog or changing a cat’s litter box, or who may live in places like nursing homes where animals are not allowed. Nursing homes that used robot pets with patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s have seen great results. The robot pets soothe agitated patients and add joy to their lives.

Robots That Help Bridge the Communication Gap

Today’s young people like to communicate online, sending selfies and other quick messages. Many of their grandparents, though, are uncomfortable reaching out with anything other than a telephone call. So that’s a problem. Young and middle-aged family members may be communicating with each more than ever using smartphone technology, but the grandparents may sadly be left out.

One technology company is working on a robot that will make it easier for seniors to send photos and text messages, which could open up a whole new world of communication for many people. This will be especially valuable for seniors who live alone and feel isolated, as it will help them stay in touch with their families more often.

The robot will also help keep seniors active by making personalized recommendations, such as suggesting its owner should go for a walk. And like a good friend, it will provide useful reminders for things like appointments and taking medications.

If You Ever Need to Talk to an Elder Law Attorney

While new technology is making the future brighter for some seniors, unfortunately, many problems remain. If you have an elderly loved one who you think may suffer from nursing home abuse or other forms of elder abuse, please call the elder law lawyers at Garcia, Artigliere & Medby at (800) 328-2630 for more information and a free consultation.


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