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Lawsuit Filed: West Hollywood Care Center Sued for Abuse

Garcia & Artigliere

West Hollywood, Calif. – Sean Michael Carter, who became a quadriplegic following an accident years earlier, became a resident of Windsor Rosewood Care Center after developing two pressure sores at home. During his residency, it appeared Carter was subjected to severe neglect that resulted in additional severe pressure sores – all of which could have been prevented if the facility had adequate staffing and supervision of its patients.


Garcia & Artigliere filed a lawsuit against Windsor Rosewood Care Center for dependent adult abuse and negligent hiring and supervision. The firm represents victims and families in nursing home abuse cases.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen many cases where nursing facilities like Windsor Rosewood Care Center are more focused on increasing their profits, at the expense of residents. The injuries suffered by Sean are identical to those one expects in such a situation. He came to the facility to heal, but was denied the required attention, services, and equipment that would help him and prevent him from developing further injuries and for which, quite candidly, Windsor Rosewood Care Center extracted a significant monetary payment,” said attorney Stephen Garcia. “Facilities are legally mandated to supply a certain level of care for their patients. Sean, who is a quadriplegic and relied on the facility for assistance in all facets of his daily life, seems to have been completely ignored despite his regular pleas for help.”


In 2005, Carter was in an accident that shattered his neck and rendered him a quadriplegic. By 2006, he was able to use his upper body and was diagnosed as an “incomplete quadriplegic,” meaning that if he injured his neck again, he would become quadriplegic permanently. Carter had been living at home, but in 2013 he moved to Windsor Rosewood Care Center after developing two stage IV pressure sores at home.

The lawsuit alleges that Carter developed additional pressure sores during his stay at Windsor Rosewood Care Center. The suit also alleges that the facility clearly knew that Carter, who is confined to a bed or a wheelchair, suffered from significant medical conditions that made him particularly susceptible to pressure sores, yet the facility neglected to provide the necessary services and equipment to prevent sores from developing or worsening. The care should have included regular repositioning in his bed and wheelchair, regular and proper assistance with personal hygiene, and the use of devices and equipment that would reduce pressure on his body.

The lawsuit further alleges that Carter was regularly left to sleep in his wheelchair because there was no staff available to transfer him to his bed. The lawsuit states that Carter asked the facility multiple times for a new air cushion for his wheelchair to replace his old one, which no longer held air properly, but was denied that request. It seems that he was also denied an air mattress that would relieve the painful pressure on his body because the mattress cost too much.

The lawsuit also alleges that when Carter called the front desk to speak to the nurse about the lack of care and equipment, the person who took the call was rude, disrespectful and refused to let him speak to the nurse in charge, which allowed Carter’s neglect and misery to continue.


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