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When Do You Need an Elder Abuse Lawyer?

Garcia & Artigliere

Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

The statistics are shocking. According to the State Bar of California, an alarming number of seniors fall victim to elder abuse: one in seven. Whether the abuse is physical or emotional, the effects are devastating.

Moreover, elderly patients are often embarrassed or ashamed of abuse they receive, and may not wilfully discuss these issues with family members. However, abuse symptoms can range from physical disfigurement to abrupt changes in behavior. For clarity’s sake, we have compiled a list of elderly-abusive acts to ensure you’ll know when to contact a lawyer. Remember, the earlier you obtain legal advice, the greater your chances of collecting crucial evidence.

  • Physical Abuse: Physical warning signs include repeated bruises and wounds. Emotional symptoms include social withdrawal and anxiety. Caregivers may try to separate you from your family member or monitor visitation.
  • Health Negligence: Nursing home neglect can lead to a variety of debilitating health issues, including pressure sores, bed sores, fractures, infections, and malnutrition. These problems are preventable with adequate care and can fall under the fault of the nursing home.
  • Medical Negligence: If a nursing home or medical practitioner has failed to provide an examination, administered the wrong medication, or performed surgical mistakes, you should contact an elder abuse lawyer.
  • Wandering Off: An inadequate nursing home lacks proper monitoring. Wandering off is extremely dangerous for elderly patients, and can lead to fatalities.
  • Restraints: Elder abuse lawyers in California to Kentucky agree that the usage of physical or chemical restraints on seniors is rarely necessary. Symptoms of restraints include constipation, loss of mobility, and injuries that occurred from attempting to escape.
  • Falls: More than simple accidents, falls are often the fault of poorly maintained facilities, understaffed homes or over-medication of the elderly resident. Resulting injuries are often harder to heal due to the resident’s age.
  • Sexual Abuse: Any non-consensual sex act equals sexual abuse. It can be more than a physical act: forcing an elderly resident to undress or look at pornographic matter is sexual abuse. Some symptoms include bruising, genital bleeding, fearfulness, and depression.

We hope this list proves useful if you or someone you know is seeking out an elder abuse lawyer. Elder abuse is intolerable—at Garcia, Artigliere and Medby, we approach all of our elder abuse cases with the utmost compassion and expertise.

We have over 26 years’ experience in elder abuse cases, earning multi-million dollar verdicts. With practicing elder abuse lawyers in California, Arizona and other American locations, complete the form on the right for a free case review or call us at (800) 328-2630 to speak to a lawyer in your area.


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