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5 Ways to Stay Safe as a Senior Citizen on Halloween

Scary costumes, haunted houses, candy-filled bags…it’s that time again – Halloween. While it is a fun and festive time for youth, Halloween is a holiday that strikes fear in the homes of senior citizens. Opening their homes to strangers at night creates all sorts of hazards for the elderly that are all too real. If you are looking for ways to keep seniors safe this Halloween, your elderly abuse attorney has you covered with these tips.

Fact or Fiction: Fear of Halloween

According to the National Crime Prevention Council senior citizens are more likely to be fearful during Halloween. Are they afraid of kids dressed like ghosts, goblins and ghouls? Not exactly. As it turns out, elderly people are more vulnerable to con artists, robbers and thieves. On October 31 they are expected to open their door and hand out candy. This puts them outside of their comfort, and safety, zone. They are in a vulnerable position, especially those seniors who have mobility issues, vision problems, or other health concerns. In order to overcome this issue, here are a few safety strategies to make Halloween safer for senior citizens.

Safety Tips for Seniors


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