18-wheeler accident on Pensacola highway

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Interstate 10 in Pensacola was the scene of an 18-wheeler that burst into flames after the brakes apparently failed to operate.  The trailer was carrying thousands of pounds of shredded cheese being delivered to a Little Caesars Pizza Restaurant.

As the truck driver approached Pensacola, he discovered that the trailer’s brakes were on fire; he disconnected the trailer from the cab. Firefighters put out the blaze while police closed eastbound lanes.  Crews were then brought in to clean up the debris and remove the semi-trailer from the highway.  No one was injured.

It was determined that the brake failure caused the fire that destroyed the trailer and its contents.  At this time, it is not known whether Florida Commercial Vehicle Investigation unit will conduct a separate investigation.  The driver has not been charged; however, it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure his equipment is in tip-top shape before he or she takes to the road.