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Our Phoenix, Arizona office provides experienced, caring and vigorous representation to people who seek legal representation to overcome a harmful, dangerous, or deadly situation. Many of our clients have been victims of elder abuse, nursing home abuse and neglect, as well as truck accidents. Our Arizona attorneys have an aggressive, but ethical fighting style that has helped us secure landmark multi-million dollar jury verdicts and sizeable settlements for our clients.


The quickest growing segment in Arizona’s population are citizens 85 years and older. As the number of elderly citizens continues to increase, the more people there will be that need care. This means that nursing homes and other long-term care facilities will need to continue to update their programs in order to accommodate this swell of the population.


According to Arizona crime prevention website, it is estimated that 1.5 to 1.8 million Americans are victims of elder abuse annually. Technological advances and overall promotion of health has allowed Americans to live longer lives, but we all must ensure that we continue to treat the ever expanding elder population with the dignity and respect they deserve.


At the Arizona attorney law offices of Garcia, Artigliere & Medby we understand the importance of protecting your loved ones against abuse, neglect, and harm. We have the dedication and knowledge needed to handle your elder law matter. We also know how to navigate through the difficult aspects of truck accidents. Unlike car accidents, there are many state and government regulations that need to be reviewed. Contact the law offices of Garcia, Artigliere & Medby today for a free and confident consultation.