Lawsuit Filed: Elder Woman Neglected and Suffered Severe Injuries at LA Hospital

Los Angeles, Calif. — Hazel Whildin, who was known to be at high risk for falling, given her age and medical conditions, including pneumonia, was found with multiple cuts, wounds, and dislocated shoulders after allegedly suffering from neglect while in the care of Kindred Hospital Los Angeles – a general acute care hospital. It is alleged that Kindred Hospital Los Angeles’ failure to provide Whildin with the required care forced her into the Intensive Care Unit for approximately one month.

Garcia, Artigliere & Medby filed a lawsuit against Kindred Hospital Los Angeles for elder abuse and neglect.

“Unfortunately, it’s apparent that Kindred Hospital Los Angeles failed to provide the necessary 24-hour care and supervision that Hazel needed, which the hospital was required to provide by law,” said Attorney Stephen Garcia. “Withholding of necessary care appears to be a direct result of underfunding and understaffing at the hospital.  We allege that this negligence led Hazel to suffer a fall, dislocate her shoulders, and develop potentially life-threatening pressure ulcers, ultimately requiring a month-long stay in the ICU.”

Allegations and Background

In July 2016, Whildin was admitted to Kindred Hospital Los Angeles to continue aftercare treatment for pneumonia after being released from UCLA Westwood.  With her documented medical conditions, she was deemed a high fall risk and therefore required 24-hour care, supervision and monitoring, including assistance with activities of daily living and walking. Whildin’s condition also required the implementation of interventions to prevent falls. The lawsuit states that the hospital failed to create and implement proper care plans to prevent Whildin from falling.

In August of 2016, Whildin’s daughter went to visit her in the hospital and allegedly found her with skin tearing, bruising and a gash on her head. Whildin’s daughter was also informed that her mother had two dislocated shoulders, and had contracted a blood infection, requiring a month-long stay in the ICU.  It is further alleged that Whildin was found by her daughter in urine-soaked bedding, and she had developed avoidable pressure ulcers (bed sores) on her body.

The lawsuit states that Whildin’s daughter inquired about the visible injuries, sheets and her mother’s noticeable weight loss, and demanded to speak with her mother’s treating physician. It is alleged that Whildin’s daughter’s questions went unanswered and her request to meet with her mother’s treating physician was met with resistance; instead, Whildin’s daughter was threatened with restricted visitation.

Given the horrible condition in which Whildin was found, her daughter insisted upon having her transferred to another hospital immediately. Whildin was transferred to UCLA Santa Monica to recover.