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Protecting Your Senior from Abuse by a Health Care Aide

Nursing homes, long-term care facilities, assisted living and in-home care aides are often great solutions for families with aging parents or loved ones. However, elder abuse — defined as an intentional or negligent act by a health care aide or caregiver of a vulnerable senior that causes harm or serious risk of harm — is […]

Elder Abuse: Are You Doing Your Part to Thwart It?

Soon after Hillary Clinton’s book “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us” was published in 1996, the sentiment “it takes a village” was invoked in a variety of situations to illustrate the importance a community plays in bettering the lives that comprise it. The same can be said for elder abuse. Making […]

Elder Financial Abuse Concerns Rise

We live in a very youth-focused society. We are enamored by young talent. We are intrigued by headlines of the latest 10-year-old student entering college. New technology targets Millennials and their children. As a result, however, we are forgetting about our growing aging population — Baby Boomers, not to mention their parents, who are living […]

Seniors and Driving: Knowing When it’s Time to Hang Up the Keys

As seniors age, new issues arise that concern both the elderly individual and his/her family members. These concerns, such as estate planning, conservatorship, long-term care and disability fall under the legal practice known as elder law. These issues affect more and more people as the elderly population continues to grow due to people living longer, […]