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Step by Step Process for Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

The first hurdle in any abuse situation is to identify the abuse. Anyone with an elderly loved one who lives in a nursing home must know the signs of elder abuse and stay vigilant for any indication that abuse is taking place, especially since elderly people may be unable to report the abuse on their […]

Garcia, Artigliere & Medby Files Lawsuit Against Covenant Care California, LLC For Elder Abuse And Negligence

Garcia, Artigliere & Medby, filed a lawsuit against Covenant Care California, LLC (manager of Courtyard Healthcare Center), alleging elder abuse, negligence, assault and battery, as well as negligent hiring and supervision. Garcia, Artigliere & Medby filed the lawsuit on behalf of their client, Clara Cranford, who was physically assaulted while a patient at Courtyard Healthcare […]

How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About Elder Abuse

If you suspect that an elderly loved one is suffering from abuse, be it physical, emotional, sexual or financial, it is essential that you address your concerns. Elder abuse affects millions of Americans every year, and yet many cases go unreported. The reasons for this include the fact that many of those who are being […]

10 Facts About Elder and Nursing Home Abuse You May Not Be Aware Of

Elder abuse is a painful subject, one that not many people are eager to discuss. Yet education and open discussion are among the most powerful weapons we have to combat the problem of elder and nursing home abuse that is affecting so many older people today. Greater visibility for the problem can help save lives […]