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Improving Nursing Home Models: The New Nursing Home Movement

The mental image most people have of the traditional “nursing home” is not always the most caring or comfortable place. In fact, it is usually downright institutional – closer to a hospital than to an actual home. Of course, elderly people in residential care facilities need to be fed, clothed, bathed, given their medication and […]

Steps Seniors Wish They Had Taken To Prepare for Elder Years

Preparing for old age is a challenging prospect. You want to make wise choices, but it can be difficult to imagine what you will need or want in your later years from the vantage point of a younger adult. Many seniors express regrets about mistakes they made, and how they wish they had better prepared […]

What Your Loved One Can Do to Enhance Their Quality of Life

Aging can be difficult, and many older people see both their health and their mental wellbeing decline as the years go by. Of course, the two are connected, although the link may not always seem obvious at first. Many seniors who get out of the habit of trying new activities and exercising regularly find it […]

Summer Warm Up and Heat-Related Elder Abuse

Keeping elderly people safe and comfortable is a concern for caregivers all year round, but it becomes particularly important during those sweltering summer months. As the temperature starts to rise, everyone is at risk – especially older people whose mobility may be limited and whose bodies aren’t as adaptable to fluctuating temperatures. Older people may […]

Stephen Garcia to Address Client Relations at the National Business Institute’s Medicaid Seminar

Partner Stephen Garcia will present at the National Business Institute’s (NBI) seminar, “Protecting Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid” on December 12, 2014 in Pasadena, CA, discussing asset protection concepts and strategies that elder law attorneys can use legally and ethically. He will examine how to spot and prevent elder abuse, appropriate client communications, and setting […]

5 Million Seniors Are Victims of Elder Abuse Every Year: How You Can Help

Elderly people, like children, are among the most vulnerable subsections of society. They need more help, care, and respect than most, but all too often, what they receive instead is abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Shockingly, statistics indicate that an estimated 5 million elderly Americans are abused every year – and that number is likely far […]